Best chick lit books 2012

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best chick lit books 2012

The 15 Best Summer Reads to Take on Your Next Getaway

Mar 05, PM. Hey all, I was going to put this in recommendations post but it hasn't been updated much recently so didn't know if anyone would look at it! Anyway I am in serious need of some very humorous chick lit and wanted to get some suggestions from you all. I became addicted with the chick lit genre after reading Bridget Jone's Diary. That book was absolutely hilarious and I have never found any other chick lit books that truly live up to the humor of that one Also, any british chick lit suggestions other than Sophie Kinsella because I've read everything she has written would be great as well! Thanks so much all!!
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Ten years ago, bookstores were stacked with bright pink covers sporting illustrations of boppy urban singles. In these novels, pals often shared cosmopolitans, gabbed about shoes and searched for Mr.

The only problem with 'chick lit' is the name

With sharp dialogue, captivating characters and a heart-wrenching and thought-provoking central issue, this story about a woman who reluctantly takes on a job as carer for a quadriplegic was breathtakingly spectacular. Poppy has lost her fiance Magnus' engagement ring but found a phone. And so the mayhem begins. This is pure chick lit comedy, with Sophie Kinsella at her absolute best. So when her sweet boyfriend does get down on bended knee, Grace freaks out, followed by a breakdown at work. This is written with so much warmth and laugh-out-loud humour, you can't help but root for Grace to find her heart's true wish. When Rachel bumps into Ben, her best friend from university and the one-that-got-away, it reawakens old feelings.

New York Times best selling author Emily Giffin is a master of deep, beautifully written chick lit. This novel explores cultural tensions with a sense of humor—and against a lavish backdrop. Love memoirs, but are in the mood for something lighthearted and funny rather than somber and serious? Jennifer Weiner's All Fall Down tells the story of a suburban wife, mother and working woman battling with the growing issues in her life: most of all, her prescription drug use. Escaping to the Cape for the summer months?

Chick-Lit Recommendations

And one thing that many of them mention is the fact that French mothers just tend to get on with doing things their way. They have the kinds of births they want with all the pain relief they want, they bottle-feed their children if they want to, and they certainly don't spend hours on internet forums criticising each other's parenting choices. Reading Decca Aitkenhead's interview with Sophie Kinsella in yesterday's Guardian, I remembered this, and wondered whether French women also care less than British women about what other French women read? I've no idea but I do hope so. Because as a publisher of commercial women's fiction, I seem to spend an awful lot of time these days reading articles by intelligent women asking — as Aitkenhead's piece yesterday did — things like "why a woman of [Kinsella's] intelligence would want to write about women at their silliest". And why other women would read it. Aitkenhead wonders whether "it was the only way to make big money", and is evidently looking for an "acknowledgment of conflict" in the fact that Kinsella is Oxbridge-educated and also writes commercial books that millions of readers enjoy reading.

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