Best books on war history

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best books on war history

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Amazon Despite the heartbreak and gruesomeness that often accompanies war, there's no doubt that the subject is fascinating to read about. We threw in a few of our own. These books are a selection of s cholarly histories, journalism, first-hand accounts, and works on the tactics and theory of warfare f rom the crusades to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The battle for the holy land launched in , and pinned Catholics and Muslims against each other for the next almost years. Asbridge puts the conflict in context, from Pope Urban II's call upon "Latin Europe" to take a stand against the Muslims to the Muslim reclamation of the holy land. Asbridge lays out a clear timeline of events, and offers a compelling retelling of the crusades that reads nothing like a history textbook. Taking place in part along the 38th parallel where American and North Korean troops faced off, "This Kind of War" is a profound portrayal of the Korean War which includes maps and photographs to illustrate a human perspective on war.
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10 Best War History Books 2016

The Top 10 War Books of All Time

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A Rumor of War

Military history books are a dime a dozen. You can frequent any public library or any bookstore and be one hundred percent certain that you will come upon military history books. Books have been written about every single major combat ever fought.

Category: Entertainment. For better or worse, conflict is an inherent part of human nature. Over the centuries, however, society has managed to put up guards against the worst parts of ourselves by establishing and enforcing social norms. However, the few instances in which we allow ourselves to be as brutal and wicked as we truly are, is in war. There is a responsibility, in fact, for civilians to understand the cost of conflict if not personally, then at least in some broader intellectual sense. We believe that many if not all on our list of the best war books accomplishes this goal. David McCullough, one of the most respected American historians alive today, lays out in fine detail the human story behind the fight for independence from Great Britain.

The 85 best books of The 15 best classics books of all time. The 15 best comedy books of all time. Vast, learned, opinionated, and witty, it is an absolute epic. Buy and All That from the Telegraph Bookshop. Written in highly suspicious circumstances by a highly suspicious author or perhaps his wife, or editor this is the first in a series of novels that became cartoonish, yet for all that it packs immense power, describing the misadventures of a group of German soldiers on the Eastern Front. Buy from Legion of the Damned the Telegraph Bookshop.

Make Your Own List. One of the great military historians of our time, Hew Strachan , talks us through what makes a great military history. Interview by Sophie Roell. As well as writing about war yourself, you edit the wonderful Great Battles series. What makes a good military history, do you think? What I would say military history has to do now is two things.

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