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Sustainable Tourism II

Want to suggest a book for review? Please get in touch. Megan Epler Wood Earthscan from Routledge, Sustainable Tourism on a Finite Planet challenges readers to consider the new skills, tools, and investments required to protect irreplaceable global resources from the impacts of escalating tourism demand in the next 50 years. The book documents how technology is driving a travel revolution and propelling the growing global middle class to take leisure trips at unprecedented rates. Travel and tourism supply chains and business models for hotels, tour operators, cruise lines, airlines, and airports are described with key environmental management techniques for each sector.
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Positive and Negative Impacts of Tourism (Environmental, Economic and Socio-Cultural)

Sustainable tourism

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Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting somewhere as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment , society, and economy. It can be related to travel for leisure, business and what is called VFR visiting friends and relatives. Without travel there is no tourism , so the concept of sustainable tourism is tightly linked to a concept of sustainable mobility. The International Air Transport Association IATA considers an annual increase in aviation fuel efficiency of 2 percent per year through to be realistic. However, both Airbus and Boeing expect the passenger-kilometers of air transport to increase by about 5 percent yearly through at least , overwhelming any efficiency gains. By , with other economic sectors having greatly reduced their CO 2 emissions , tourism is likely to be generating 40 percent of global carbon emissions. Global economists forecast continuing international tourism growth, the amount depending on the location.

But sustainable tourism. What is it, really? And why should the average tourist like you or I care about it? When buzzwords like these come up, it's a natural reaction, I think, to tune out. To assume that glazed-eye look and let your mind wander a bit because clearly these sorts of things are for executives and experts to worry about, right? Sure, tourism boards and tour companies can pledge to more sustainable practices in their businesses.

Why does sustainable tourism matter?

Sustainable Tourism books to read in : Here are five books that have been recommended by sustainable tourism professionals in our interviews. Each of them compulsory reading for those charged with the difficult task of sustainably managing and developing tourism businesses and destinations. In this groundbreaking book, Elizabeth Becker uncovers how what was once a hobby has become a colossal enterprise with profound impact on countries, the environment, and cultural heritage. Becker travels the world to take the measure of the business: France invented the travel business and is still its leader; Venice is expiring of over-tourism. In Cambodia, tourists crawl over the temples of Angkor, jeopardizing precious cultural sites. Costa Rica rejected raising cattle for American fast-food restaurants to protect their wilderness for the more lucrative field of eco-tourism.


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