Print and bind your own book

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print and bind your own book

How to Bind Your Own Hardback Book: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Making your own book can be a way to give a customized gift, or your own work, to preserve online content. An informative book can be the perfect gift especially when it has photos of old memories or a bunch of your best recipes, stories or even a set of planner pages. Even though physical copies of books can look daunting, they are the best forms of books especially when you want to keep track of the content. Once the content has been decided it can then be placed in a word document or converted to a pdf document. Once the content is picked, you need to decide on the book size, how the pages are to be structured and how the binding is to be done. Since different styles have different printing process, this step is very much necessary. If there is a page book to be printed in the folded format, then you have to be careful with the layout.
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print and bind your own paperback

DIY Make, Print and Bind Books

Making your own books can be a great way to create a customized gift, or a tool to preserve online content, your own work, or anything else you want a physical copy of. It might seem a little daunting at first, but we'll guide you through the process of laying out your pages, printing, and binding. A well put together book could be the perfect handmade gift, especially if you fill it with some of your best recipes, a child's artwork, your own stories, or even just day planner pages. Even if you don't want to create a book as a gift, you might find reading your backlog of Instapaper paper articles a little overwhelming on the screen, but easier to tackle in book form. You can make your own personalized best of the year list, create your own zine, or print PDF books. Once you've decided which words you'd like to use, you want to get them in the word processor of your choice so we can convert them to a PDF. Once you've picked out your content, you'll need to decide on the size of the book, how you want to structure the pages, and how you want to bind it.

The art of book binding is an ancient craft, but actually it is not very difficult to do and with almost no practice you can get really awesome results. If you are on the lookout for fun craft projects or quick ways of making nice presents and gifts, then this could be the project for you. I know that there are other Instructables on the art of book binding but this project is meant to be a simple quick project that will give a very acceptable finish, and a book that looks like it has been professionally made, yet without the need for any special equipment. All you will need is: Some paper Minimum really is about 32 A4 or US Letter sized sheets, to make a half A4 half US Letter sized book , although smaller books can be made as can ones with more pages. You can use tracing paper, thick or thin paper and of course colored or even preprinted or written on paper.

Despite the wealth of on-screen documentation available, like many people I still feel the need to print things out for reference or study. For most people, printing out a manual means putting up with a bunch of A4 or Letter-sized pages with a staple through the corner, which doesn't seem much good to me. Instead I used to print documents two-up onto A4 to create an A5 booklet by stapling and folding it. However, this never worked well for more than a handful of pages. So, I was very happy when I came across techniques for do-it-yourself bookbinding. I don't approach bookbinding as an art form, rather simply as a practical way of getting documentation into a form which I can enjoy using.

Making your own books can be a great way to create a customized gift, or a tool to preserve online content, your own work, or anything else you.
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