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coheed and cambria comic books

The Amory Wars | Anime, Manga and Comics | Keeping secrets, Coheed, cambria, Comic books

The Amory Wars is the story behind Coheed And Cambria 's first five albums, told more elaborately as a series of comic books and a novel. The concept is written by Claudio Sanchez , who largely bases the stories on his experiences. The comics are published by Evil Ink Comics , Claudio's own publishing company. The story takes place in the fictional universe known as Heaven's Fence , containing seventy eight planets and seven Stars of Sirius, all held together by a beam of light known as The Keywork. However, there are also some un-catalogued races which inhabit the Fence, such as the IRO-bots and the Stars. After the scrapped issues of The Bag. Line Adventures , and Claudio's disappointment with the Good Apollo graphic novel , he decided to retitle the story The Amory Wars, and begin again from scratch.
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Coheed And Cambria Audiobook Unheavenly Creatures Ep1

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The Amory Wars, originally titled The Adventures, is an ongoing series of comic books written by Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez.
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Everyone has an artist who resonates with them on a deeper level than any other. Someone who speaks to them personally, giving them a role model. As much as I want to share my excitement with others, very few people have even heard of the series. Even I only recently read the comics after years of being a Coheed and Cambria fan. Hopefully I can convince people to read the comic along the way, but at the very least this history will allow readers to jump into the latest issues.

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