Rock and roll books 2016

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rock and roll books 2016

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll (and books): 20 selections for your reading list -

Is James Brown the most complex personality ever to rise to superstardom? Or is this just the rare music biography that gets close to showing its subject in its true complexity? James McBride builds his portrait of the artist by seeking out the people whose lives were changed by close encounters with the so-called Godfather of Soul, and reporting on what he learned about this intensely guarded genius in finely observed detail. He recalls the dynamics of his friendship and musical collaboration with the late Grant McLennan in their group The Go-Betweens, and how two brainy film and literature obsessives joined forces to craft some of the most enduring and intelligent pop music of the s. She wrote the first, recorded the definitive version of the second.
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Rock N Roll Books Part 1 #birthdaydestructionweek2017

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Book Review: Rock & Roll Books

A real rock star is someone everybody in the audience either wants to have sex with or be. That's plutonium-grade magnetism. These people live interesting lives we want to read about, whether it's a memoir or a biography. Fans often gravitate to books about specific bands and artists. But sometimes we also like read about behind-the-scenes music-biz subjects and specific genres and eras too. Here are 20 all-time great rock books you should add to your reading list for the pool and beach this year - and if you've already read them, they're worth rereading too.

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Love the Beatles? Fan of punk rock? Dream of becoming a great songwriter like Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen? Just like listening to or making music? Pull out your old concert tees, turn on your favorite playlist, and enjoy these fabulous books about rock and roll, country, hip-hop, and punk rock together with the budding musicians in your life. Old MacDonald will never be the same again after these farm animals plug in their instruments and turn an old standard into a cool punk tune. Then see what happens when they go on tour!

Towing the party line — "In a single day, the innocence of a generation was shattered" — the music prism magnifying four fatalities at a free concert by the Rolling Stones in northern California on Dec. Eleven kids trampled to death at a Who show a decade later nearly to the day, and headbangers cremated in a Rhode Island club fire during a performance by Great White better frame its violent tragedy than the genocide of baby boomers' idealism. Bay Area music lifer Joel Selvin airlifts readers almost a half-century back, the Hells Angels smashing your face with a pool cue until you can't breathe. So died Meredith Hunter, a product of African-American poverty and civil negligence, bleeding out during the Stones set after being stabbed repeatedly by the motorcycle gang running security. If Selvin's writerly panache gets the better of him "these swashbuckling rockers had thoroughly made their case" , more problematic is his forgoing attributions despite hundreds of interviews over decades, which undercuts Altamont 's yeoman reportage with a slick true crime polish. George Lucas and late Austin scribe John Morthland make cameos, and previously unearthed details pile up definitive until this last word on the subject self-combusts. Now more than ever, we need your support to continue supplying Austin with independent, free press.

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  1. Read our list of the 10 best music books of , featuring memoirs, memoirs from Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, the biography of one of the.

  2. With summer holidays ahead, Nick Bollinger and Kiran Dass recommend eleven recent music books worth keeping beside your hammock.

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