Dna and the book of mormon

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dna and the book of mormon

DNA and the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon has traditionally been presented as a historical account of the first inhabitants of the Americas—the principle ancestors of the Native Americans. This interpretation, still dominant among members of the Mormon Church, is commonly referred to as a hemispheric geography model, because it locates the events and descendants of the Book of Mormon peoples across the entire western hemisphere. The text does not suggest Book of Mormon peoples were living in a small part of a vast continent. Rather, their thinking is continental, even hemispheric. There are no direct references to non-Israelite peoples in the New World during the millennia covered by the Book. On occasions when he summarized the Book and its content, he reiterated these views:.
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DNA and The Book of Mormon Explained full-length video

DNA vs. The Book of Mormon — A Review

Biblical Truth Bold Compassion. DNA vs. But, are they? The DNA vs. This is because the Y-chromosome DNA is passed on only by the father, the mitochondria DNA is passed on only by the mother, and neither of these two types of DNA engages in recombination.

Our critics allege that science has proven the Book of Mormon to be false. What does the science of human genetics really say about the Book of Mormon? The answer involves understanding what the Book of Mormon actually is and says. On this Mormon Answers page, I explore some common questions about DNA and the Book of Mormon, and argue that the critics aren't attacking anything the Book of Mormon requires, but common assumptions about and even misreadings of the text. The findings of modern science, though often tentative, can be welcomed by those who treasure the Book of Mormon as ancient scripture. This work is my responsibility and does not necessarily reflect official views of the Church. This page is the Introduction and Overview.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints affirms that the Book of Mormon is a volume of sacred scripture comparable to the Bible. It contains a record of.
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The Ancestors of the American Indians

Although the primary purpose of the Book of Mormon is more spiritual than historical, some people have wondered whether the migrations it describes are compatible with scientific studies of ancient America. The discussion has centered on the field of population genetics and developments in DNA science.

In recent decades, some people have wondered if DNA might provide any insight into Book of Mormon origins. Among these, some have proclaimed that DNA science definitively disproves the Book of Mormon, 1 while others have declared just the opposite, arguing that there is positive DNA evidence supporting the Book of Mormon. To date, genetic studies indicate that Native Americans are most closely related to East Asians, 4 while no clear genetic relationship with the Middle East has been established. There is strong evidence that Book of Mormon peoples likely interacted with indigenous peoples almost immediately, 8 forever complicating efforts to trace the DNA lineages of Jared, Lehi, Mulek, and their co-travelers. A common problem in population genetics, known as founder effect , appears when the founders of a population had atypical genetic markers for the region they came from.

According to the book, two of these groups originated from ancient Israel. There is generally no direct support amongst mainstream historians and archaeologists for the historicity of the Book of Mormon. Since the late s pioneering work of Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza and others, scientists have developed techniques that attempt to use genetic markers to indicate the ethnic background and history of individual people. The data developed by these mainstream scientists tell us that the Native Americans have very distinctive DNA markers, and that some of them are most similar, among old world populations, to the DNA of people anciently associated with the Altay Mountains area of central Asia. These evidences from a genetic perspective agree with a large body of archaeological, anthropological, and linguistic conclusions that Native American peoples' ancestors migrated from Asia at the latest 16,—13, years ago.


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