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Race and Ethnicity in America by John Iceland - Paperback - University of California Press

And let us not forget the forced immigration of African slaves. Most of these groups underwent a period of disenfranchisement in which they were relegated to the bottom of the social hierarchy before they managed for those who could to achieve social mobility. Today, our society is multicultural, although the extent to which this multiculturality is embraced varies, and the many manifestations of multiculturalism carry significant political repercussions. The sections below will describe how several groups became part of U. The only nonimmigrant ethnic group in the United States, Native Americans once numbered in the millions but by made up only 0. Census Currently, about 2.
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The Racial Demographics of the United States

Race and Ethnicity in the United States (8th Edition) [Richard T. Schaefer] on book reviews have appeared in many journals, including American Journal of.

Race and Ethnicity in the United States -- Books a la Carte, 8th Edition

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It received an Anisfield-Wolf Book Award in A Different Mirror deals with the subject of minority perspectives of multicultural America, incorporating quotes, folk songs, letters, telegrams, and photographs into the text. It deals with, in roughly sequential order, Native Americans , African Americans pre- and post-slavery era, Irish , Mexicans, Chicanos , Chinese , Japanese , Jews , and ties up the book with a current for the time the book was written summary of where minorities are now. Each chapter talks about the history of a different ethnic group, and covers over a period of time public attitudes towards the minority, public policy, laws for or against the minority, and attitude of the minority towards their situation. Several groups are revisited at multiple points through their history. One common theme throughout the entire book is the 'us against them' attitude that the ruling structure has towards the minorities, from the fear of the "giddy multitude" in colonial times, to the Chinese Exclusion Act being created to 'protect' white labor, to the modern day accusations that "Hispanics [

Immigration is one of the driving forces behind social change in the United States, continually reshaping the way Americans think about race and ethnicity.
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Americanization, De-Americanization, and Racialized Ethnic Groups

Bayor Columbia University Press. Add to Cart. Ngai, Race and Ethnicity in America is a timely introduction to the interrelated themes of race, ethnicity, and immigration in American history and a first-stop resource for students and others exploring the historical roots of today's identity politics. Spanning from to and covering everything from the Trail of Tears to the Black Power movement, the book is comprehensive both chronologically and in terms of ethnic groups addressed: It examines not only the history of black-white relations in America, but also the experiences of Irish Catholics, Native Americans, Latinos, Jews, and many others. Topics covered include anti-Catholicism and nativism, slavery and abolitionism, Indian removal, assimilation and scientific racism, the National Origins Act, the civil rights movement, and contemporary debates over affirmative action and bilingualism.

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